Wii Messenger


Elegant Skin for WLM inspired on Wii


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One of the best things of Windows Live Messenger - aka WLM and MSN - is that you can customize it and make it different. This time we are going to satisfy those Wii lovers who also like chatting.

Wii design has been a great success and Ethan Li has adapted its interface to our beloved Windows Live Messenger.

Wii Messenger is a minimalistic skin for WLM that changes the look and feel of your WLM and make it seems part of a Wii by applying it colors and buttons similar to Wii interface. You will see how colors will be white and gray, minimize, maximize and close buttons will be changed for the ones you have in the WiiMote, Different banner ads,...

If you are a Wii fan, Wii Messenger will give WLM an elegant and minimalistic look and will make your favorite IM much less graphically-bloated.

Finally, if you get fed up with white and gray, you can change the colors by using the colorize options.
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